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The New Welfare Party (Turkish: Yeniden Refah Partisi, YRP) is a political party in Turkey, a successor of The Welfare Party.[3] It was founded by former Prime Minister of Turkey Necmettin Erbakan's son Fatih Erbakan on 23 November 2018.[4][5] They adopt the National Outlook (Turkish: "Millî Görüş") ideology.

The party was founded with the slogan "We are here for our nation".[6][7][8] They specified that their main goals are "First morality and spirituality, then design the new world order under the leadership of Turkey and set up the fair order."[9]


The party's Istanbul Youth-Wing’s Vice President, Sadık Tunç, made controversial comments on the 97th anniversary of the abolishment of the caliphate in Turkey:[10] "The days when we will declare Sharia-e-Ghara-e-Muhammadiyyah are coming closer."[11]

The Turkish Constitution[12] forbids proposing or calling the abandonment of Secularism (Laicism), or the abandonment of the law preventing it itself, alongside making the first four articles of the constitution untouchable and unchangeable.[13] Their predecessor was dissolved and banned by the Constitutional Court of Turkey in 1998 due to their Islamist agenda.[14]

After the event, Sadık Tunç deleted his tweet on Twitter about the topic.[11]

The chairperson & founder of the newly party, Fatih Erbakan, is also an open supporter of the anti-vax movement during the COVID Pandemic in Turkey, which some specific religious and very-conservative Turks in Turkey are a part of.

He also openly but briefly brought up and discussed/talked about this topic during several occasions on live-TV interviews. He gained many criticisms after these several statements.


F. Erbakan has stated that the new party would replace the current system by a new presidential system, and that returning to a parliamentary system would be harmful. The party also wants to spread awareness and precaution against GMO seeds and food biotechnology.[citation needed] They will also take a strong anti-zionist position like their predecessor.[15]


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